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 Welcome to the Saline Area Historical Society Website
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Date: Sun 14 Feb 2016 - Sun 14 Feb 2016
Description: Saline's Salt Spring by Jim Peters


Wayne Clements In 1987, Wayne Clements saw to it that the Saline Area Historical Society became an ongoing and continuous non-profit organization. Before that, there were years of inactivity. Under Wayne’s leadership, the society was restructured when a core group began working “to preserve our past for the future”.

This was the essence of Wayne’s work. He truly believed that history was all about people, their stories and their past. Now in the 28th year of our historical society, Wayne Clements resigned from active involvement at the November board meeting. He asked to be known as Director Emeritus. It was with great sadness the Board accepted his resignation; but now with even greater sadness, we resign ourselves to knowing he died on December 31 and has gone to his eternal reward.

Wayne Clements was responsible more than anyone else for our museums as they stand today. Under his leadership as President of the Board for 20 years, he saw to it that the Depot Museum rose from the ashes of a long vacant building, arranged for the acquisition and restoration of the livery barn from the former Risdon property on Michigan Avenue and Lewis Street, paid out of pocket for a large portion of the caboose and windmill and then donated them to the City. The depot was dedicated July 4, 1995 and was accepted on the National Register.

In 1998, he worked actively with the City of Saline to acquire the Rentschler Farm buildings. As with the depot, under his leadership, the site became a local history icon celebrating all the farmers of the Saline area. Although owned by the City, the farm and the depot museums are operated by historical society volunteers. The farm museum was dedicated May 1999 and is also on the National Register.

There has never been a year during Wayne Clements' presidency or later, as a Director on the Board, that he didn't have a goal to preserve this or that building on museum property, as well as elsewhere, and to educate people concerning historic buildings. To that end, he initiated a program of signage that identifies historic points of interest in the Downtown Saline area.

Additionally, Wayne Clements worked tirelessly to preserve local history, including that in townships surrounding Saline. After the year 2000, Wayne was actively involved in restoring the old Lodi Twp. Hall and turning it into a Local History Museum. There is no end to the number of projects he worked on, preserving the past for the future. His shoes will never be filled, but we'll try to carry on.


For a complete listing of current programs and events, clink this LINK.


We are happy to announce that the Rentschler Farm Museum is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Due to the diligent work of Board Member, Cynthia Christensen, we have finally been awarded this distinction after several years of trying. Together with the Depot Museum -- which has been on the National Register since 1995 -- we MADE IT!


During the summer season, a visit to Rentschler Farm is an official National Passport Stop. For information, see National Passport Stamp Program. Passports and stamps are available in the Rentschler Farm Gift Shop during the summer season. Hours: Saturdays between 11:00-3:00.

During the winter months when the farm is closed, the stamp will be available at the Railroad Depot Museum on Saturdays, 11:00-3:00.


Historical Washtenaw Area Attractions. Click here to see a beautiful, full-color 3" x 8" brochure featuring photos and information on each of our 27 historic county member organizations. The reverse side of the brochure unfolds to display a 17" x 22" map of Washtenaw County showing the location and address of each museum, library, and attraction. A free copy can also be picked up at the Rentschler Farm or at the Saline Railroad Depot Museum.

Saline Depot, as pictured on a 19th century postcard (click to enlarge)


You can very quickly become acquainted with our two museums by visiting Saline Railroad Depot Museum and Rentschler Farm Museum.

Barns at the Rentschler Farm Museum (click to enlarge)


To read our current newsletter, as well as past issues, follow this link


LOCAL HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHS: Let us scan your family photos for our archives, especially if you can supply the name of the subjects. All photos can be returned to you, the owner. Call the society office for an appointment: 734-944-0442 .

SALINE HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS: We would like to develop a collection of Saline High School Yearbooks. If you have one that you don't want, keep us in mind.

OBITUARIES: A great deal of local history can be gleaned from old obituaries. If you have any to share, especially old ones, we can scan them. You keep the original. Let us know.


Many of our readers come to our website looking for information on the history of our town and our area. With that in mind, for a detailed article see History of Saline.


This page was updated October, 2015. Please check here often for fresh news and additional articles of historic interest. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, want to ask a question about Saline history, or wish to share a comment or opinion about the work of the Saline Area Historical Society.

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